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Whale Watching
(RIB Boat)


Who needs Discovery Channel? Just imagine looking for the world's biggest mammals in their natural habitat! Prepare to see the majestic creatures calmly swim and dive while you take photos and absorb the breathtaking scenery. You shouldn't miss this!


Prime whale-watching season starts mid-October. That’s when the first whales visit the coast off Tromsø to feed on herring and mackerel. Soon enough, hundreds of ocean’s giants join the feast. And we are heading out as well. Our choice of transport for this trip is an inflatable speed boat (RIB) because the vessel allows us to admire the fascinating animals without disturbing their aquatic territories.

Most frequently, we encounter humpback whales and orcas while steering through the fjords. Did you know that orcas are known as one of the most powerful predators in the ocean? We will share more information about the whales throughout the trip. Usually, the whale sightings decrease late January as the whales head back to the ocean and the season comes to an end.

Tour information

Price per person
Adult (13+) 1 200 NOK
Child (10-12) 600 NOK
Location Pick up and drop off at Scandic Ishavshotel
Group size
4 to 12 guests Plus a driver and a guide
Time and duration
Pick up at 08:45, drop-off between 13:00 to 14:00 (4 to 5 hours) 90 to 150 minutes
  • Transport in minibus and RIB
  • Flotation suits
  • Hot drinks
Requirement The minimum age for this trip is 10 years old.

Important Things to Note

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. We use Norwegian kroner (NOK) here. Most shops, restaurants and even taxis here take credit card, so if you bring a little less cash, it shouldn't be a problem too as long as you have a working credit card.

  2. I’m afraid there are no ice hotels or igloos in or around Tromsø. For our packages, we work with hotels located in the city center.

  3. In the city, there are several museums, art galleries, restaurants and cafes to check out. There's also the Arctic Cathedral which is a popular tourist attraction across the bridge. All museums except the Tromsø museum are within walking distance. The most popular museums are the Polaria and Polar Museum and they are both a short walk from the city center. The Tromsø Cable Car also offers a stunning bird’s eye view of Tromsø as you ride up the mountains!

  4. I'm afraid we are not able to take enquiries on the phone due to our daily and nightly trips. We handle all bookings and enquiries online at the moment as we will be able to answer them faster (we have more people checking the emails) without missing out on any previous information communicated between us.


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