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Snowmobile Adventure


Join us on an amazing snowmobile adventure that will lead us from Tromsø all the way to Finnish Lapland.


We will visit the 3-country-border of Norway, Finland and Sweden, race over frozen lakes and manoeuver our machines through beautiful, snowy forests.

Our adventure starts early in the morning at our shop at Storgata 64. A two and a half hours drive will lead us to the Finnish village of Kilpisjärvi, where we will get dressed in warm suits, boots and protective gear. After a thorough safety briefing on how to safely ride a snowmobile, we will jump on our machines and make our way over a frozen lake to the 3-country-border, often referred to as "the most peaceful border in the world". Along our journey there will be several possibilities to take pictures and switch drivers, if you are sharing your snowmobile. During the second part of our adventure we will experience riding through forests and over uneven terrain. If the weather is on our side, an amazing elevated view over the Finnish tundra will be our reward.

After arriving back in Kilpisjärvi a warm lunch around a fire place in a wooden lavvo will await us. We will return to Tromsø with many new experiences and amazing pictures that will leave your friends and family back home speechless.

Tour information

Price per person
Adult (16+) 2 400 (Shared snowmobile), 2 900 (Single) Optional: 100 NOK waiver to reduce damage liability from 10,000 NOK to 1,000 NOK
Location Pick up and drop off at Chasing Lights’ shop
Group size
8 to 14 guests
Time and duration
Pick up at 07:00, drop-off around 16:30 (9.5 hours) Includes 2.5 hours of comfortable bus ride to our destination in Finland
  • Transport from Tromsø
  • Warm suits, boots and extra socks
  • Helmet and face mask
  • Warm lunch, cold vegetarian option
  • Snowmobile insurance with 10,000 NOK liability
Requirement This trip requires a minimum of 8 participants. If we have less than 8 participants, the trip will have to be cancelled, and a full refund will be provided.
The minimum age for this trip is 16 years old for the passenger and 18 years old for the driver.

Important Things to Note

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. It is true that camera batteries drain much faster in cold temperatures, however it also depends on what camera and type of battery you have. 90% of the time a fully charged battery on a DSLR would last the entire night.

    If you have a DSLR, I would recommend carrying 1 extra backup battery, while if you have a small point and shoot, 1 or 2 backups would be good. You may not have to use them at all, but just in case we get a good show, it's always better to be prepared. :)

  2. I’m afraid there are no ice hotels or igloos in or around Tromsø. For our packages, we work with hotels located in the city center.

  3. It is not necessary to print anything for your trips with us. We have your details and have already passed them to our partners (for various day trips). Our partners and tour guides will have your details on their lists when picking you up, and all you need to do is check that your details are correct and you’re joining the correct company.

  4. We do go to Finland or Sweden if the conditions are better there. Within the Schengen area, it is not necessary to clear formalities when crossing borders as the Schengen agreement allows us to cross borders within Europe without a passport. However, we would still encourage bringing along your passports on the chases as the border control in Finland may on very rare occasions request to check our passports and it would be safer simply to bring it along.


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