/ Northern Lights Minibus Chase

Northern Lights Minibus Chase

September to Early April

Tromsø Night Tour Small Group Chase

Join us on this trip to maximise your chances of witnessing Earth's most magnificent light show from outer space, the Aurora Borealis.


After meeting you in the centre of Tromsø, we will leave the city lights behind us and drive to where we expect the evening’s best weather conditions. On some nights this may lead us to the coast around Tromsø, on other nights we may drive all the way into Finland.

If conditions allow, we will choose a scenic spot and light a campfire. On some nights, the Aurora appears right away, on other nights we have to be patient. Sometimes we see a faint greenish line across the horizon, sometimes it’s a bucket full of colors dancing in the sky. The Northern Lights appear on most nights, but they are not always strong, which is why we recommend joining several chases to increase your chances of seeing a good show.

We will take pictures throughout the trip and share them with you the next morning. If you decide to bring your own camera, we will also help you set it up and teach you all you need to know to take home great shots of the Aurora and the stunning landscape around us.

Cloudy skies in Tromsø don’t scare us, as we usually find clear sky in nearby micro climates, which makes Tromsø the perfect base to start our adventure. As such, this tour goes ahead regardless of the weather, as long as road conditions are safe. Our experience shows us that the most challenging nights often offer the best shows.

This tour is specifically designed for those who are up for a real chase, which often involves traveling long distances and returning late. Our reward is an excellent success rate in finding clear sky and catching the Northern Lights.

Tour information

Price per person
From 2200 NOK For first night
Multi-Chase Discount For subsequent nights
Outside Tromsø Havn Prostneset, next to Sky Fitness
Group size
Up to 13 guests
Time and duration
Pick-up at 17:45 (18:45 in early-September & April). Tour duration: 6-10 hours (weather dependent)
  • Transport in minibus
  • Winter suit and snow boots (for adult guests, if sizes provided)
  • A warm meal and hot drinks
  • Photography tips and advice from our photographers
  • Pictures from the tour (full-resolution JPEGs)
  • Manfrotto tripods (support up to 1.5 kg)
Before you book

Important Things to Note

About this tour

Pictures often depict Northern Lights stronger than what we may see with our eyes

We make toilet stops if possible, but sometimes we have to use nature

It is possible to find clear sky even in seemingly challenging weather conditions. As long as road conditions are safe, the chase will go ahead

There are no refunds or free trip if we don’t see the Northern Lights

Regardless if the sky is clear or not, we may not see the Northern Lights

This is a real chase and may include long hours of driving

From late March onwards the chances of seeing the Northern Lights will be lower compared to the rest of the season, due to the long daylight hours. However, even in April we are successful on most chases.

You may be tired the next morning

Our prices are based on demand and our costs and increase closer to the tour date

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy Receive a full refund for cancellation made more than 24 hours before the start of tour. Please note, rescheduling within 24 hours of the tour is not possible. If you cancel:
More than 24 hours before tour
Full refund
Less than 24 hours before tour
No refund


  • This was a very well thought and executed event. I thank to Marek and Sam for all their fine touches, about the location, the nature of lights, and personalised touches. It was simply wonderful!

  • I took this package as it includes everything plus phototaking too. If you don't have a good camera, want to enjoy and relax, let them take the photos for you. Small group size allows for more personal touch with the guide. The veg meal is delicious.

  • Great memories, did 5 days chasing the aurora and we only missed it one night. Very helpful and wonderful guides, knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. You should definetely try it and be prepared for the cold. But its so worth it!

  • Thomas and his team have been great hosts, making us feel good, asking questions about us, and taking care of us...and making great efforts to drive to Finland, to let the magic happen. What a great chase and a super organisation ! Deserves 5 stars !


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