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Northern Lights
big bus chase





Join us on this exciting trip to chase the magnificent Northern Lights. We conduct this tour in a spacious and modern bus which provides comfort and warmth along our journey through the Arctic regions.


This is our newest tour, guided by the same expert tour guides as our small group chase, giving you an excellent chance of the Aurora.

After the tour starts from Tromsø's city center, we will drive to where we expect the best weather conditions that night. On the journey there you will learn about the Northern Lights and how to photograph them. We will be happy to answer all questions you might have.

Once we've found clear sky, we will stop and help you set up your cameras. If conditions allow, we will choose a scenic locations with a beautiful foreground. We will take portraits of the Northern Lights and you to share them after the trip.

We provide hot drinks as well as hot water that you can use to prepare your own meal. The bus is heated, so you can always warm up inside.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable chase to maximize your chances of witnessing the beautiful Northern Lights, then this is the tour for you!

Tour information

Price per person
Adult (13+) 950 and 850 NOK First and subsequent chases
Child (0-12) 500 NOK All chases
Location Pick up and drop off at the tourist Information Office in the city center
Group size
50 guests (maximum) Plus 1 or 2 tour guide and a driver
Time and duration
Start between 17:30 to 18:30, end between 00:00 to 04:00 (Between 6 to 10 hours, depending on the weather condition, etc) Starts at 5.45pm
  • Same expert tour guides and photographers from the small group chase
  • On-board restroom
  • Snacks and hot beverage
  • Photography tips and advice from our photographers
  • Digital photos taken by our photographer sent to you after the chase

Important Things to Note

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. I'm afraid we are not able to take enquiries on the phone due to our daily and nightly trips. We handle all bookings and enquiries online at the moment as we will be able to answer them faster (we have more people checking the emails) without missing out on any previous information communicated between us.

  2. We do get children and elderly on our tours very often; so if you are alright with them sleeping late and perhaps sleeping in the car if they are tired, they may most certainly join you on your trip. In fact, our youngest guest was only 7 months old! Of course, the hours on the chases are very long and every individual is different.

    We recommend families with children and elderly to join us on our (big group) Northern Lights chase, as it’s easier to keep the big bus warm and it also comes with an on-board toilet.

  3. Northern Lights chase (Small group):
    Tours taken in a comfortable 17-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter that comes with an isle in the middle. We take a maximum of 13 guest for each trip and each group has a tour guide, and a designated driver. These cars provide comfort even during long chases to Finland or Sweden and allow everyone to use it for getting dressed or to rest. By using minibuses we are most flexible and the small group size guarantees a personal experience.

    Northern Lights chase (Big group):
    Tours taken in a comfortable 45-seater bus, and we take a maximum of 40 guests for each trip. Each group has 1-2 tour guides, and a designated driver.

  4. We will literally go the extra mile to maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, by doing our best to find clear sky. However, we incur the same costs every night for drivers, tour guides, cars, fuel, equipment, food, insurances, taxes, etc., no matter if we get to see the Aurora or not, that’s why we can’t provide refunds or free tours if we are unlucky.


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