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Mush your own team of dogs through pristine snow covered valleys.


Did you know that the dog sled is one of the oldest modes of transport in human history? Even today it is still used by the Sámi, the indigenous people of the Arctic, and many other inhabitants of cold and remote places. The Arctic explorers used dog sleds to reach the North and South Pole during their legendary expeditions in the early 20th century.

Now you have the chance to follow in the footsteps of the Norwegian explorers Amundsen and Nansen and experience the thrill of riding and mushing your own dog sled near Tromsø.

After picking you up in Tromsø’s city center, we will leave Tromsø and visit the nearby island Kvaløya. After a 30 minutes car ride, we will reach Hege’s and Per-Thore’s farm, where the dogs will already be eagerly awaiting you.

You will dress up in Arctic gear to protect you from the cold and wind and then meet your own team of dogs, which will soon start pulling you through snowy landscapes. The sleds are shared, which means that there will be one musher who controls the brake and steers using his body, and one passenger who sits in front and assists the musher with steering. Throughout the journey you will make several stops to switch positions, take pictures, and enjoy the views.

After an exciting 15km route, you will be greeted back at the kennel with tea, coffee, and Hege’s famous homemade chocolate cake in a traditional Sámi lavvu.

Tour information

Price per person
Adult (13+) 1 750 NOK
Child (7-12) 875 NOK
Location Pick up and drop off at Scandic Ishavshotel
Group size
2 to 16 guests
Time and duration
Pick up at 08:45, drop-off around 13:00 (4 hours) 90 minutes of dogsledding
  • Transport in mini bus with max 16 guests
  • Shared dog sled. Time on the sled: around 1,5 hours
  • Winter suit, snow boots, gloves, hat
  • Chocolate cake and hot drinks
Requirement The minimum age for this trip is 7 years old.

Important Things to Note

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I'm afraid we are not able to take enquiries on the phone due to our daily and nightly trips. We handle all bookings and enquiries online at the moment as we will be able to answer them faster (we have more people checking the emails) without missing out on any previous information communicated between us.

  2. We use Norwegian kroner (NOK) here. Most shops, restaurants and even taxis here take credit card, so if you bring a little less cash, it shouldn't be a problem too as long as you have a working credit card.

  3. We do go to Finland or Sweden if the conditions are better there. Within the Schengen area, it is not necessary to clear formalities when crossing borders as the Schengen agreement allows us to cross borders within Europe without a passport. However, we would still encourage bringing along your passports on the chases as the border control in Finland may on very rare occasions request to check our passports and it would be safer simply to bring it along.

  4. The city of Tromsø lies around 69° northern latitude and therefore in the middle of the Aurora belt, which maximizes your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. If the sky is clear, the Aurora can be seen almost every night between September and early April. On our Northern Lights chases we have the possibility to cross into different nearby climate zones. This often gives us good chances to find clear sky, even if the sky above Tromsø is cloudy. Tromsø also offers an international airport, a variety of hotels, museums, restaurants and is surrounded by amazing nature. The gulf stream keeps the city fairly warm throughout the Norwegian winter.


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