/ 7-Night Aurora Pass

7-Night Aurora Pass

Winter / 1 October to 31 March

Tromsø Night Tour Great Deal

Maximise your chances and minimise your spending with our 7-Night Aurora Pass — if you plan to go out for 4 or more Northern Lights chases on our Big Bus, our 7-Night Aurora Pass is the right choice for you!


Not only will the opportunity to go out for up to 7 nights practically guarantee you one or several Northern Lights sightings at a low price, but we also include professional portraits of you with the Northern Lights on every tour we get to see them.

Our Northern Lights Big Bus Chase (for which you can use this 7-Night Aurora Pass) departs from Tromsø’s city centre at 18:00. To have the best chances of spotting the lights, we will bring you to where we expect the best weather conditions that night — this may be on one of the beautiful islands surrounding Tromsø or all the way into Finland! We are known to go the extra mile for you, which is one of the reasons for our excellent success rate. Along the way, we will share interesting facts about the Aurora, Tromsø, and life in Norway with you.

Every trip includes cookies and hot chocolate, and we’ll also carry hot water with us which you can use to prepare your own food or one of the delicious Tromsø-made expedition meals we have for sale on the tour.

We will return to Tromsø between 6 and 10 hours after departure, depending on the road and weather conditions. You will receive the pictures from the tour via email the same night.

There are a few fair and simple rules connected to this awesome pass, so be sure to read the details.

See you soon under the Aurora!

Pass benefits

Up to 7 Northern Lights chases on our Big Bus over seven consecutive nights

Tour information

Price per person
All ages 3 000 NOK
Pick-up and drop-off at Tromsø Bus Terminal, Samuel Arnesens gate 5
Group size
Big Group - Up to 50 guests Plus driver and 1 to 2 guides, depending on the group size
Time and duration
Meeting at 17:45, departure at 18:00. Tour duration: Between 6 and 10 hours (weather dependent)
  • Expert tour guides and photographers
  • On-board restroom
  • Snacks and hot beverage
  • Photography tips and advice from our photographers
  • Digital photos taken by our photographer sent to you after the chase


This trip requires a minimum of 15 participants. In the rare event that we do not reach the minimum number of participants, the trip may be cancelled and a full refund will be provided.

Full terms and conditions

7-Night Aurora Pass
  • The 7-Night Aurora Launch Pass & the 7-Night Aurora Pass are valid for seven consecutive days from your chosen starting date. If a date within your selected 7 days is fully booked at the time of booking, the date will be skipped with no further extension to the pass. Example: If you choose 1 November 2021 as your starting date, you are free to join up to 7 Big Bus chases from 1 November 2021 to 7 November 2021.
  • The 7-Night Aurora Pass is strictly non-transferable. Violation of this term will result in immediate termination of the pass with no refund. See special terms for the 7-Night Aurora Launch Pass.
  • For each day that you wish to make use of the pass, you must confirm your attendance via your unique URL (which will be provided once you’ve purchased the pass) before 12:00 o'clock noon the same day. This can be easily done via your unique URL, or by contacting us via live chat on our website. Should you confirm your participation but not join the chase, your pass will become invalid without the possibility of a refund.
  • Our Northern Lights Big Bus Chase requires a minimum of 15 participants to continue. If the trip needs to be cancelled, for example because of safety reasons or because we have not reached the minimum number of participants, the validity of your pass will be extended by 1 day.
  • Our Big Bus Chase is unavailable on 18 January 2022. If the validity of your pass includes this date, the date in question will be skipped.
Before you book

Important Things to Note

About this tour

This is a bus tour with up to 50 guests

Clothes, tripods and meals are not included

It is possible to find clear sky even in seemingly challenging weather conditions

We never know if or when the Aurora will appear, even when the sky is clear

You may be tired the next morning

This is a real chase and may include long hours of driving

Pictures often depict Northern Lights stronger than what we may see with our eyes

There are no refunds or free trip if we don’t see the Northern Lights

Cancellation Policy A full refund will be provided for all cancellation made more than 24 hours before the start of tour. If you cancel:
More than 24 hours before first tour
Full refund
Less than 24 hours before first tour
No refund
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