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*These features are not applicable for standalone tours. Terms and conditions apply. All our packages also includes accommodation, Northern Lights tours and daytrips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. It is true that camera batteries drain much faster in cold temperatures, however it also depends on what camera and type of battery you have. 90% of the time a fully charged battery on a DSLR would last the entire night.

    If you have a DSLR, I would recommend carrying 1 extra backup battery, while if you have a small point and shoot, 1 or 2 backups would be good. You may not have to use them at all, but just in case we get a good show, it's always better to be prepared. :)

  2. To help our guests maximise their stay in Tromsø and their chances of seeing the Northern Lights, we have a unique flexible itinerary feature for our package holders where a seat is reserved for you on our Northern Lights chases every night of your stay, and you will have the option of rescheduling your existing chases or adding additional ones. In the event that any day- or night-trip cannot go as planned due to weather conditions, you will also be offered priority to alternatives where available and we will manage the rescheduling of your itinerary based on your preferences. Packages also include the option to cancel your Northern Lights chases anytime for a full refund, for example, if you feel that you’ve seen enough after the first chase. Simply tell us that you’d like to cancel your next chase any time before 6am on the day of the tour.

  3. Northern Lights chase (Small group):
    We provide thermal suits and boots on our Northern Lights chase. The thermal suit is an one piece suit meant to be worn over your usual winter wear, after you remove your outer jacket.

    These equipment are heavy and bulky and meant for staying outdoors in extreme cold for long periods and will not be suitable for use in the city. In the city, your usual winter wear will be sufficient.

  4. We don't charge tax on our tours and/or packages, and there are no additional charges for the prices listed on our website.


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