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  1. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

    • Full refund for cancellations at least 7 days before trip begins.
    • 50% refund for cancellations 3 to 7 days before trip begins.
    • No refund for cancellations less than 3 days before trip begins.

    Cancellation policy does not apply to promotional items.

  2. We offer a Arctic Road Trip instead of a fjords cruise because the fjords around Tromsø are all very long, and due to the geography of the fjords, if we were to take a boat to enter a fjord, it would take several hours just to enter one fjord as the boat will have to go around large islands before entering one single fjord. With a car however, we are able to visit several fjords, beaches, lakes and villages in a single trip. :)

  3. Northern Lights chase (Small group):
    We provide thermal suits and boots on our Northern Lights chase. The thermal suit is an one piece suit meant to be worn over your usual winter wear, after you remove your outer jacket.

    These equipment are heavy and bulky and meant for staying outdoors in extreme cold for long periods and will not be suitable for use in the city. In the city, your usual winter wear will be sufficient.

  4. The usual check-in and check-out times for the hotel is around 3pm and 11am respectively. If you're arriving early, you can store your luggage at the hotel before the room is ready, and spend some time exploring the city!

  5. It is not necessary to print anything for your trips with us. We have your details and have already passed them to our partners (for various day trips). Our partners and tour guides will have your details on their lists when picking you up, and all you need to do is check that your details are correct and you’re joining the correct company.

  6. The city of Tromsø lies around 69° northern latitude and therefore in the middle of the Aurora belt, which maximizes your chances of seeing the Northern Lights. If the sky is clear, the Aurora can be seen almost every night between September and early April. On our Northern Lights chases we have the possibility to cross into different nearby climate zones. This often gives us good chances to find clear sky, even if the sky above Tromsø is cloudy. Tromsø also offers an international airport, a variety of hotels, museums, restaurants and is surrounded by amazing nature. The gulf stream keeps the city fairly warm throughout the Norwegian winter.

  7. We accept online payment for all our bookings. Visa, Master and Amex credit cards are accepted and payment will be processed through a secure payment gateway. The invoice does allow you to specify a lower amount for payment, so you will be able to make payment for the invoice with two different cards, or in two payments.

    For our packages with accommodation, a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking and the remaining 50% is due 1 month prior to your arrival.

    For standalone trips, a full payment is required upon booking to secure your seats. Your booking is confirmed once we receive your full payment.

  8. We don't charge tax on our tours and/or packages, and there are no additional charges for the prices listed on our website.

  9. If you like, we can arrange for your group of 3 persons to share a double room.

    The configuration for this arrangement is a Standard Double room that includes a double bed and an extra bed. Please note that this usually makes the room very small with no space to walk around. Alternatively, if you'd like we can also upgrade the room included in the package to a Deluxe Double room with an extra bed added. The Deluxe Double room is more spacious, and it comes with a King sized bed and an extra bed.

    *Room types applicable for Clarion hotel the Edge

  10. To help our guests maximise their stay in Tromsø and their chances of seeing the Northern Lights, we have a unique flexible itinerary feature for our package holders where a seat is reserved for you on our Northern Lights chases every night of your stay, and you will have the option of rescheduling your existing chases or adding additional ones. In the event that any day- or night-trip cannot go as planned due to weather conditions, you will also be offered priority to alternatives where available and we will manage the rescheduling of your itinerary based on your preferences. Packages also include the option to cancel your Northern Lights chases anytime for a full refund, for example, if you feel that you’ve seen enough after the first chase. Simply tell us that you’d like to cancel your next chase any time before 6am on the day of the tour.

  11. We don't have specific start and end dates for our packages. You are free to choose your preferred start and end dates for our packages as long as we have availability. :)

  12. The room included in our packages are the standard double or twin rooms. Please note that while we can request for a room with a view for you, the hotel does not assign these rooms until the day of your check-in, and on that day they will assign it to you only if it is available.

    If you would like to secure a room with a view, we will have to arrange for the upgrade to a Superior room. For superior rooms, a room with a view is guaranteed, however this includes both a view over the city or the harbour. These rooms will only be assigned on the day of check in, depending on availability at the hotel.

    *Applicable for Clarion hotel the Edge and Clarion Collection With hotel.

If you have a question that you can’t find, contact us at [email protected]